The GME Policies Committee was created in November 2011 under the chairmanship of Dr. Mohamad El Tawil, Associate DIO of the Medical Education Department. The committee has two program directors of accredited residency training programs at HMC. 

The committee’s main responsibility is to develop and implement regulations and procedures to govern the quality of clinical teaching and the education, duty hours and work environment for all residents and fellows enrolled in ACGME International LLC accredited programs and non-accredited training programs at HMC. 

The committee also reviews and updates current GME policies and other corporate policies related to the residents’ work terms and to the GME programs at HMC. It creates formal written policies and procedures governing resident duty hours to meet institutional and program requirements. The committee assists the individual residency training programs to develop formal written institutional policies for the selection, evaluation, promotion and dismissal of residents in compliance with the institutional and program requirements. The committee is also responsible for creating policies to monitor the wellbeing and mental health of residents working in the system.

The committee meets on a quarterly basis or as required by the chairperson to review and update current GME policies or to create new polices. Its proceedings and recommendations are reported to the GMEC for final review and approval.​