8am to 8.05am

Qur’an Recitation


8.05am to 8.15am

Welcome speech

Dr. Abdul Moeen Baco

Session 1: 8am to 10am

Moderators: Dr. Abdulmoeen Baco and Dr. Abdulaziz Alkuwari

8.15am to 8.25am

Overview of Pediatric scoliosis

Dr. Masood Shafafy

8.25am to 8.35am

Normal growth: Spine and measurement

Dr. Ron El-Hawary

8.35am to 8.45am

Evaluation: The best predictor of progression

Dr. Masood Shafafy

8.45am to 9am

Non operative treatment  pediatric scoliosis

Dr. Hossein Mehdian

9am to 9.10am

Neuromuscular deformity: Indications, timing and technique

Dr. Jason Howard

9.10am to 9.20am

Ilio-sacral fixation and correction techniques with emphasis in neuromuscular scoliosis

Dr. Azmi Hamzaoglu

9.20am to 9.30am

Lessons learned from my most challenging neuromuscular case

Dr. Jason Howard

9.30am to 9.45am

Congenital scoliosis: Natural history, classification and treatment

Dr. Hossein Mehdian

9.45am to 10am

Congenital scoliosis and kyphosis: Challenges and treatment options

Dr. Abdulaziz Alkuwari

10am to 10.30am

Coffee break


Session 2: 10.30am to 1pm
Neuromuscular / Congenital

Moderators: Amer Aziz and Dr. Firas

10.30am to 10.40am

AIS: Classification

Dr. Hossein Mehdian

10.40am to 10.50am

Achieving shoulder and pelvic balance in AIS

Dr. Nasir Quraishi

10.50am to 11am

Selective thoracic fusion

Dr. Abdulrazzaq A. Alobaid

11am to 11.10am

Where to start and stop in lenke 1C

Dr. Masood Shafafy

11.10am to 11.20

The Adding On Phenomenon In Idiopathic Scoliosis

Dr.John Abdelnoor

11.20am to 11.30am

Dealing with rib hump and derotation

Dr. JJ. Abitbol

11.30am to 11.40am

Blood loss in deformity surgery

Dr. Jason Howard

11.40am to 11.50am

Lessons learned from my most challenging AIS

Dr. Norman Chutkan

11.50am to 12pm



12pm to 1pm



1pm to 2pm

Prayer and lunch


Session 3: 2pm to 3.20pm

Moderator: Dr.Jason Howard/ Dr. Ron El-Hawary

2pm to 2.10pm

Early onset scoliosis: Who should be treated and when

Dr. Ron El-Hawary

2.10pm to 2.20pm

EOS: treatment option and updates

Dr. Azmi Hamzaoglu

2.20pm to 2.30pm

2.30pm to 2.40pm

Debate: Surgical management of EOD

growth guidance techniques

Distraction techniques

Dr. Norman Chutkan

Dr. Ron El-Hawary


Fusionless treatment (tethering) for pediatric idiopathic scoliosis

Dr. Ron El-Hawary

2.40pm to 2.50pm

Time saving tips and techniques in deformity surgery


3pm to 3.10pm

Best practices in intraoperative neuromonitoring in spine deformity surgery

Dr. Jason Howard

3.10pm to 3.20pm



3.20pm to 3.30pm

Coffee break


Session 4 : 3.30pm to 5.30pm

Research and Papers Session

Moderators: Dr. Amer Aziz and Dr. Jeff Wang

3.30pm to 4pm

How to write and publish a scientific paper?

Dr. Jeff Wang

4pm to 5.30pm

Papers session:

Dr. Abdulrazzaq Alobaid, Dr. John Abdulnoor, Dr. Jeff Wang and Dr. Amer Aziz


6pm to 7pm

Opening ceremony


7pm to 9pm