Spine Program

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Session 4 - Degenerative Disc Disease: Cervical





Moderators: Dr. Masood Shafafi / Dr. Abdulaziz Al Kuwari


8am to 8.20am

Cervical Radiculopathies


- Nerve Root Blocks Dr. Saeed Saleh
- Foraminotomy Dr. Khalid Al Saleh

8.20am to 8.40am

Degenerative Cervical Disc Disease


- ACDF (Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion) Dr. Tony Tannoury
- ACDR (Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Replacement) Dr. Abdul Moeen Baco

8.40am to 8.45am



8.45am to 8.55am

Cervical Stenosis – When to Interfere?

Dr. Imad Hasim Ahmad

8.55am to 9.15am

Posterior Cervical Procedures for Cervical Stenosis


- Laminectomy  and Fusion Prof. Amer Aziz
- Laminoplasty Dr. Abdul Moeen Baco

9.15am to 9.20am



9.20am to 9.40am

Case Discussion - Degenerative Cervical Spine

Identifying the Best Techniques for Cervical Stenosis with Myelopathy and Loss of Lordosis:


- Mutilevel ACDFs Dr. Abdulaziz Al Mutair
Dr. Abdul Moeen Baco
Dr. Nasir Quraishi
- Laminectomy and Fusion
- Laminoplasty


Session 5 - Degenerative Disc Disease: Lumbar


Moderator: Dr. Abdul Moeen Baco


9.40am to 9.55am

L5 / S1 Degenerative Disc Disease Pain or L5 / S1 Joint Pain or SI JOINT pain.
How to differentiate between these three entities?
When to say no to Lumbar Fusion

Dr. Abdullah Nazal

9.55am to 10.10am

Acute Lumbar Disc Prolapse


- Conservative Management Dr. John Abdelnoor
- Operative Management Dr. Marcus Oliver Carter

10.10am to 10.20am



10.20am to 10.30am

Coffee Break


Moderators: Dr. John Abdelnoor / Dr. Sean Molloy


10.30am to 10.45am

Degenerative Lumbar Surgeries (Discectomies)


- Endoscopic Discectomy Dr. Khalid Al Kuwari
- Microscopic Discectomy Dr. Ahmed Al Jahwari

10.45am to 10.55am

Are Sagittal Parameters Important in Low Back Fusion Surgeries?

Dr. Sean Molloy

10.55am to 11.15am

Minimal Invasive vs Open Fusion Techniques (TLIF)


- MIS Fusion Dr. Morten Zabeitz Steiness
- Open Fusion Dr. Khalid Al Kuwari

11.15am to 11.20am


All Speakers

11.20am to 11.35am

MIS fusion TL junction to the Sacrum for Deformity


- Iliac Fixation is Required Dr. Masood Shafafy
- Iliac Fixation is Not Required Dr. Nasir Quraishi

11.35am to 11.55am

Lower Lumber DDD Fusion Techniques


- Direct Lateral XLIF Dr. Khai Lam
- Oblique OLIF Dr. Sean Molloy

11.55am to 12.15pm

What is New for Prevention of PJK (Proximal Junctional Kyphosis)?
What Advances and Lessons Have Been Learned in MIS surgery?

Dr. Tony Tannoury

12.15pm to 12.20pm


All Speakers

12.20pm  to 1pm



1pm to 2pm

Prayer and Lunch Break


Session 6 - Failed Back Surgery





Moderators: Dr. Tony Tannoury / Dr. Nasir Quraishi


2pm to 2.20pm

Case Discussion - Failed Back Surgery
Degenerative Lumbar Spine

Dr. Khai Lam

2.20pm to 2.40pm

Failed Back Surgeries - Causes
Patient and Surgeon Factors

Dr. Firas Husban/  Dr. Abdul Mooen Baco

2.40pm to 3pm

Failed Back Surgeries
Overview on Management

Dr. Fawaz Siddiqui

3pm to 4.30pm

Papers Session

Dr. Marcus Oliver Carter


Panel: Dr. Khai Lam / Dr. John Abdelnoor / Dr. Sean Molloy


4.30pm to 4.45pm

Coffee Break

4.45pm to 5.15pm

Awards and Closing Ceremony