Spine Program

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Session 1 - Cervical Fractures




7.30am to 8.30am



Moderators: Dr. Abdul Moeen Baco / Dr. Marcus Oliver Carter


8.30am to 8.35am

Quran Recitation


8.35am to 8.40am

Welcome Note

Dr. Abdulaziz Al Kuwari

8.40am to 8.55am

Anatomy of Cervical Spine and Classification of Cervical Fractures

Dr. Abdulaziz Al Mutair

8.55am to 9.10am

Cervical Spine Clearance and the Role of MRI In Cervical Spine Fractures

Dr. Masood Shafafy

9.10am to 9.30am

Management of Dens Fractures


- Conservative Management Dr. John Abdul Noor
- Operative Management Dr. Fawaz Siddiqi

9.30am to 9.45am


All Speakers

9.45am to 10am

Coffee Break


Moderators: Dr. Abdulaziz Al Kuwari / Dr. Abdulaziz Al Mutair


10am to 10.20am

Management of Unifacet Subluxation in an Neuro Intact Patient


- Conservative Management Dr. Nasser Mehrab Khan
- Operative Management Dr. Masood Shafafy

10.20am to 10.40am

Management of Bilateral Cervical Facetal Dislocation


- Try Closed Reduction with Traction Dr. Marcus Oliver Carter
- Take Patient Directly to Theater for Surgery Prof. Amer Aziz

10.40am to 11am


All Speakers

11am to 11.30am

Keynote Lecture
Overview of Cervical Fractures and Management (Evolution of Management)

Dr. Mike Grevitt

11.30am to 1pm



1pm to 2pm

Prayer and Lunch Break


Session 2 - Thoracolumbar Fractures





Moderators: Dr. Morten Zabeitz Steiness / Dr. Firas Husban


2pm to 2.15pm

New AO Classification of Thoracolumbar Fractures Plus New AO Score (TLAOSIS)

Dr. Abdulrazzaq A. Alobaid

2.15pm to 2.35pm

Pincer Fracture/A2 Fracture – To Fix or Not?


- Conservative Management Dr. Omar Fawaz Alnori
- Operative Management Dr. Marcus Oliver Carter

2.35pm to 2.45pm



2.45pm to 3.05pm

Fixation Techniques in Unstable A4 / Chance Fractures


- Open Fixation Dr. Ahmed Al Jahwari
- MIS Fixation Dr. Abdulaziz Al Kuwari

3.05 pm to 3.15pm

Lumbosacral Junction  Fractures L5 / S1 Fixation Techniques

Dr. Jerome Tonetti

3.15pm to 3.30pm

Overview of  Sacral Fractures Plus Various Fixation Techniques

Dr. Zayed Al Zaid

3.30pm to 3.40pm


All Speakers

3.40pm to 4pm

Coffee Break


Session 3 - Case Discussions: Interesting / Challenging Cases


Moderators: Dr. Khai Lam / Prof. Amer Aziz


4pm to 4.20pm

Case Discussion 1: Cervical Trauma

Dr. Abdulaziz Al Kuwari / Dr. Tony Tannouri

4.20pm to 4.40pm

Case Discussion 2: TL Trauma In Ankylosing Spondylitis Patients

Dr. Nasir Quraishi / Dr. Masood Shafafy

4.40pm to 5pm

Case Discussion 3: Lumbar Trauma

Dr. Zayed Al Zaid / Dr. Khalid Alsaleh

5pm to 6pm

Opening Ceremony and Gala Dinner