Meet our PCC Ambassadors

The PCC Ambassadors

In June 2019, CPESE initiated the Person-Centered Care Ambassadors Program which was designed to enhance the patient and family experience at HMC, as well as support person-centered care practices within the public health system. The program has been a great success thanks to the dedicated and passionate team of volunteers who have assisted and supported patients and their family members during the continuum of their care at HMC. Our Person-Centered Care Ambassadors come from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures and have made a positive difference to the lives of patients.

Volunteers undergo a selection process prior to being appointed as a Person-Centered Care Ambassador. Once appointed to the position, volunteers receive skill-based training on infection control, fire safety and compassionate human interactions.

The Person-Centered Care Ambassadors will eventually support patients in more specific activities related to each Ambassador’s own experience and skills, such as yoga sessions, reading with patients, physical fitness, stretching and many other recreational activities.

PCC Ambassadors Program Recognizes the Dedication and Compassion of its Volunteers and Reopens on a ‘New Normal’ Environment

The Person-Centered Care (PCC) Ambassadors Program has introduced its first batch of volunteers in November 2019. After almost a year, the spirit of compassionate volunteerism has spread over HMC facilities like Ambulatory Care Center, Enaya Specialized Care Center, and National Center for Cancer Care, thus improving the overall patient experience in HMC. The volunteers, who are better known as PCC Ambassadors, have committed their time and unparalleled care to patients, staff, and the community by displaying the basic principles of the program—Partnership, Compassion, and Quality. 

“One of the greatest contribution our volunteers provide is fostering people-to-people interactions. It has been almost a year since we launched this program and I am immensely proud of our accomplishments. I am sure that all of you will agree with me that there is no greater joy than knowing something you did has made the life of another person better,” said Mr. Nasser Al Naimi, the Deputy Chief of Quality for the Center for Patient Experience and Staff Engagement and Director of Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute in his welcome remarks. Mr. Al Naimi further added, “the reopening of the PCC Ambassadors program on a “new normal” environment marks the new phase of the program to continue delivering enhanced patient experience across HMC.”

A special gathering was held in 8 October 2020 to recognize the efforts of these PCC Ambassadors. The guest of honors: Dr. Abdullah Al Ansari, Mr. Mahmoud Al-Raisi, Dr. Muna Al Maslamani, and Dr. Hanadi Khamis Alhamad, together with Mr. Nasser Al Naimi handed over the Certificates of Appreciation to the current Ambassadors. In this occasion, the PCC Ambassadors Program reopens and receives a new batch of aspiring volunteers who will continue to ignite the noble spirit of volunteering across HMC hospitals. 

This opportunity is open to all interested applicants. CPESE is accepting dedicated volunteers who have the heart to touch the lives of many. For those who would like to register and participate in the PCC Ambassadors Program, they are invited to send an email to