COVID-19 Safety Measures

HMC ensures a safe and COVID-free working environment for all the staff. These healthcare workers deserve to be given unparalleled care and support that looks after their health during the pandemic where their roles are critical and most significant. The PCC Ambassadors Program sees to it that the volunteers will also receive the same level of care and security in return for their efforts to provide assistance to our staff and service to our patients. The PCC Ambassadors will become knowledgeable and responsible to maintain strict compliance to MoPH’s preventive measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19 by adhering to the following:

As HMC adapts to the ‘new normal’ environment brought about by the pandemic, it continues to provide the best and most compassionate care to its patients and family members. This includes the safeguard of our PCC Ambassadors who are present at various HMC facilities. Prior to a hands-on experience at the facility, the PCC Ambassadors will undergo appropriate trainings to equip them with the right skills and awareness to decrease their susceptibility to the virus. Where appropriate, both staff and ambassadors will be tested to ensure the safety of working together. Across the workplace, social distancing is observed at all times. HMC ensures that all workplaces are clean and sterilized on a daily basis to combat the threats of COVID-19. The ambassadors will be provided with basic protection paraphernalia such as medical masks, hand sanitizers, tissues, and PPE (if required) in their assigned HMC facility.

The PCC Ambassadors Program oversees the health safety and well-being of its volunteers. In return, the ambassadors are expected to always comply with HMC’s protocols and standards in order to protect themselves from any infection and to prevent transmission of COVID-19.