Three years ago, I moved to Qatar and started working with Hamad Medical Corporation as a charge nurse and worked my way up to my current position, which is head nurse of the Palliative Care unit. Having been in the palliative care field for 14 years, HMC was my first overseas experience and I am glad I took this opportunity as this has not only strengthened my clinical skills but has also allowed me to grow personally. Working for the past three years in a thriving multicultural environment and being in an organization where the senior management supports every member of their staff to be leaders and innovators has been a great learning experience. I have also benefitted immensely from the continuing education opportunities that are provided to us. We get to interact with some of the best leaders in our industry and these lectures and trainings constantly challenge us to think outside the box. 

- Kumari Thankam Ammal, Head Nurse, Supportive and Palliative Care Unit, NCCCR.

I have been working as a dietician at Hamad Medical Corporation for 11 years. My role involves providing care and education to patients with chronic ailments such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Working at HMC has definitely helped me expand my knowledge about my field beyond the realm of the hospital. The organization ensures that a number of educational opportunities are provided to employees through conferences, training workshops, and meetings with visiting experts from around the world. By taking advantage of these opportunities, I have managed to not only improve my work performance, but have also benefitted from the knowledge I have gained from international experts in providing care to patients and ensuring that I play my part in creating a healthy and disease-free community. 

- Zuhair Ali M. Al Arabi, Dietician, Hamad Medical Corporation.