Welcome to Al Wakra Hospital’s maternal services. Thank you for visiting our webpage.

The Obstetrics and Gynecology (Obs & Gyn) Department at Al Wakra Hospital provides antenatal, postnatal, gynecological and neonatal care in addition to several additional specialties and subspecialties.

Our department strives to ensure that all women are satisfied with our services and this satisfaction motivates us to do even better. 

Some popular programs implemented in our department include a tour of the maternal services. We have observed that newly referred mothers are not quite aware of their clinical journey in the hospital so with the support of all the teams, we were able to develop a tour which takes place once every week, for 60 minutes explaining the entire birth journey. We provide them with information on the healthcare team, available services and their expectations of us. 

Another project is the ‘couple tour’. We introduced this to orient newly referred women and their spouses to AWH’s maternity services and facility.

The Women’s Health Café was another popular concept, which we host quarterly for women to discuss and share their experience and concerns.

We are working on new a process of allowing spouses to enter the labor room so he can be a part of the journey.

Our highly trained nurses and midwives are dedicated to for delivering the safest and most compassionate care, which has been evident in the positive feedback we receive from the women and their relatives. 

Our midwives are also currently involved in providing education to all women who are admitted to the Labor and Delivery room, such as initiating skin-to-skin contact immediately after delivery and we are providing mothers with antenatal classes as well.

We will keep working hard to enhance the welfare of both mothers and their babies. Our nursing and midwifery team have played a vital role in being the backbone of women and newborn care.

Thank you,

Tamara Alshdafat
Director of Nursing/ Midwifery
OBS/Gyn Division - AWH