Information for Expectant Mothers

​It is recommended that you have the following prenatal visits with your treating physician: 
  • Up to 28 weeks of pregnancy – monthly (four weeks)
  • Up to 36 weeks of pregnancy – every two weeks
  • After 36 weeks of pregnancy – every week.
All required investigations and check-ups will be carried out during these visits and you will be expected to provide a medical and surgical history so that your healthcare team are well informed. During your pre-natal visits prior to delivery we also recommend you discuss with your doctor if you require any special medical assistance in anticipation of your arrival at the hospital. 
You are strongly advised not to bring any items with you to the labor room. No documents are required as your healthcare team will have access to all your medical records. If you would like to request an epidural you should discuss this with your doctor or attending physician prior to delivery to allow a plan to be formulated. This will also allow an appointment to be made with the anesthetist.