At the Women’s Wellness and Research Center, we are committed to ensuring the wellbeing and recovery of every woman and child in our facility.

Each patient room is designed to provide privacy and comfort for you and your family, as well as:
  • Provide enough space for the healthcare provider and support services to attend to the needs of mother and baby during their stay at our facility.
  • Prevent the spread of any infections
  • Protect all visitors and staff from any harm or injury that can result from a fall
To ensure we keep our hospital free of germs, infection and hazards related to a fire or fall, it is not permitted to bring a large number of items into a patient’s room. These include:
  • Household decorative items as well as items ordered from external companies such as carpets, curtains, chairs and lamp shades
  • Electrical appliances such as hairdryers, feeding bottle sterilizers, hot water boiling machines, and irons.
  • Artificial decorative flowers and plants, flower stands, assorted candles, mirror and glass decorative displays, balloons and decorative live pets such as birds and fish.
External items can harbor a large number of harmful bacteria, viruses, insects and dust that can endanger the health and safety of a mother and her newborn as well as her healthcare team.

When you are admitted to an inpatient room at the Women’s Wellness and Research Center or Ambulatory Care Center, please only bring the essential items that are required for your length of stay.