​If you are admitted to the Labor and Delivery Unit, you will be welcomed by your dedicated nurse or midwife who will introduce themselves, make you feel comfortable and answer any questions you may have.

Labor is a natural process but it can be painful. Therefore, it is important to attend our antenatal classes so that you are aware of the pain relief options available to you during labor and how your care team can best support you.

During labor and delivery, your nurse or midwife will stay with you, taking care to ensure that you and your baby are assessed and monitored throughout.

They will also work closely with you to support your choices, regarding your birthing plan and provide you with options such as the use of birthing balls to make sure your birthing experience is more comfortable. These midwives are experts in childbirth and provide expert care to women experiencing a normal pregnancy, labor and birth. If you have a normal pregnancy, your baby will be delivered by one of these specialized midwives through a vaginal delivery. If this is the case, a doctor will work with the nurse or midwife to monitor your progress throughout your delivery.

We will only recommend a physician led delivery if your health or that of your baby is at risk.

If there are no complications after delivery, you and your baby will be transported to one of our private rooms where our dedicated clinical team will look after both you and your baby.

Please note: You are requested not to wear jewelry or bring valuables into the Labor and Delivery Unit.