There are a number of methods available to you which will help relieve pain Try and remember to be flexible, as you may find you want more or less pain relief thanyou had planned and more effective pain relief may be recommended to you to assist with your delivery.

If you are having a normal pregnancy, we advise you remain upright and mobile for as long as possible. In early labor, you can take a warm bath or shower while you are at home. Water is one of the most effective ways of relieving pain of contradictions in early labor. It can also help to prevent the use of drugs during labor enabling you to have a more natural birth experience.

To help relieve your pain naturally, we will help you to use a birthing ball and practicing breathing and relaxation techniques.

Although some women prefer not to use any pain relief in labor, should you wish to do so, there are generally three different types of anesthesia pain relief available to you although these can depend on how far dilated you are at the time. These pain relief options include Entonox (Gas and Air), morphine and epidural.