​When your baby is born, he or she will be placed on your abdomen for a few minutes. After our team assess and immunizes your baby, he/she will be moved back to your chest for skin to skin contact for one hour. Your body is the best way to warm and calm your baby after birth. All mothers, are encouraged to breastfeed within 30 minutes after birth as there is research evidence that shows babies who are breastfed, have the best start at life.

Once you and your newborn are stable, your spouse will be allowed to visit you and your baby inside the Labor and Delivery Unit. Please note, your spouse will be required to provide identification in order to be permitted to enter.

If your baby requires urgent medical attention, he/she will be seen by a pediatrician. Your midwife and the medical team will to support you and communicate the plan of care for your baby each step of the way.

From two hours after delivery, you and your baby can expect to be transferred to a postnatal ward.

Mothers who are found to have low immunity for Hepatitis B will be offered a immunization prior to transferring to the Postnatal Ward.