While many pregnancies progress without any complications, you or your unborn baby may need extra care from our highly specialized fetomaternal team.  If this is the case, you are not alone, some women in Qatar receive a high-risk diagnosis due to obstetric, medical, surgical or genetic complications and we conduct over 7,000 examinations yearly for women referred all across the country.  

If you are a woman experiencing a high-risk pregnancy and have been referred to our Fetomaternal Medicine Unit (FMU), your care team could involve maternal fetomaternal medicine consultants, trained nurses, geneticist and pediatric cardiologists who primarily focus on the management of your pregnancy and if needed, conduct specialized screenings. The FMU will work closely with our general obstetric physicians to provide a continuity of care and co-manage complex conditions before or during your pregnancy.

To ensure your comfort, our large FMU has multiple private examination rooms, with easy access to sophisticated high-standard imaging techniques and advanced ultrasound machines. This technology allows our specialists to look after your fetus if you suffer from one of the following conditions during your pregnancy: cardiac, autoimmune, renal disease, diabetes, hypertension, or seizure disorders. We are also equipped to help care for expectant mothers who became pregnant at an advanced age and those pregnant with twins or more than two babies at the same time. In this case, we will conduct a first-trimester scan, chromosomal abnormality scan, and other necessary tests.  Any data collected from our unit is fed into our centralized patient record system to ensure it is accessible to your other care providers and we maintain a complete record of your care.

If our team identifies any issues with regard to your baby prenatally, rest assured we will help reach a diagnosis and then connect parents with a neonatologist and a pediatric subspecialist. Our team of physicians and nurses will help coordinate any necessary intervention, plan the route and timing of delivery and provide a smooth care transition for your newborn infant.

Our FMU is located in the Outpatient Department and is available from 7am to 3pm daily (Sunday to Thursday).