​In the postnatal ward, our nurses or midwives will encourage you to breastfeed.

In the first hour, most babies will show signs or cues that they are ready to feed. This may include, moving their hands to their mouth, smacking their lips together, sucking or fussing.

We do promote breastfeeding at all of our facilities, because there are many proven benefits to both you and your baby.  As the most natural food source, it has all the required nutrients and antibodies to provide your bay with a healthy start in life.

You nurse or midwife will provide you with important information about parenthood, breastfeeding, neonatal screening and remind you of other important information you may have learned during your antenatal classes.

Should you have a baby boy and would like to get him circumcised; we will request your consent for a neonatal circumcision. Your nurse or midwife will provide more information about the procedure.

Your baby will also receive their vaccinations and be examined by a pediatrician prior to your discharge.

If specialized care is required for your baby, he or she will be transferred to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).