​We believe it is important to bond with your baby as soon possible after the birth, even if you have delivered by caesarean section. 

Following your recovery period in the birthing room, your nurse or midwife will bring you and your directly to one of our private inpatient rooms with bathroom. You will remain in the privacy of one of these comfortable rooms for the duration of your stay with us.

Each private room has large windows and some have beautiful views of the Corniche and has been designed with your comfort and recovery in mind. We believe that a relaxing and attractive environment will help you to relax and bond with your baby.

During this precious time, we will do everything we can to minimize any separation between you and your newborn by assisting you as much as we can within the comfort of your room.  If you plan for your baby boy to be circumcised, this will be organized for you and we will do our best to minimize any time spent apart.

We also understand that you may be very tired, overwhelmed or simply in need of an extra pair of hands after the birth of your bay. We want to offer you as much support as you need so we provide a midwife to all the new mothers in our care to look after you and your baby.

She will offer you one-to-one support to guide and help you care for your baby. She will encourage you to have skin to skin contact with your newborn and breastfeed as soon as possible after birth, providing you with any assistance you may need, particularly if you experience any difficulty breastfeeding.

New babies will typically feed on demand and most will be interested in breastfeeding within one hour of being born.  Feeding regularly is normal behavior and our midwives will help you recognize your baby’s cues. This can however be tiring for the new mother so our nurses will be sure to remind you to rest when your baby is sleeping and provide any additional support should you need it.