• 12/20/2018

    The Trauma Center has launched a set of car stickers to raise awareness among Qatar’s population of the importance of wearing a seat belt. Through the Hamad Injury Prevention Program, the trauma team aims to improve public health and safety through focusing on preventing the most common and highest risk mechanisms that cause traumatic injury, and seat belt usage is a top priority. Unfortunately, HMC’s trauma surgeons see firsthand some of the devastating consequences of road traffic accidents and many of these injuries could be prevented if the victims had made the simple decision to wear a seat belt. 

    This is why the Trauma Center is raising awareness through the car stickers of the importance of all drivers and passengers wearing a seat belt on every journey. Look out for the stickers on the roads and please remember, wearing your seat belt could save your life in the event of a road traffic accident. If you would like to support the Trauma Center’s efforts and put a sticker on your car, please email rconsunji@hamad.qa aabeid@hamad.qa or