The Hamad Injury Prevention Program (HIPP) aims to improve public health and safety through focusing on preventing the most common and highest risk mechanisms that cause traumatic injury i.e. unrestrained passengers and drivers in motor vehicle crashes. Since its establishment, HIPP has enhanced public awareness of best practice for injury prevention through school and media-based campaigns, garnered funding to support research for key injury prevention education programs, spearheaded participation in global injury prevention activities and strengthened existing relationships with important government ministries and agencies. 

In recent years, HIPP activities have focused on high-risk groups for injury, including children, young drivers, pedestrians and construction workers. In addition to community education, HIPP has been awarded 2 National Priorities Research Program Grants from the Qatar Foundation on 1) Improving the use of child restraints in young children, under 5 years and 2) Creating a unified registry for all occupational injuries in Qatar.