• 5/4/2016
    Maria Lorena Yumang Tengson, a 32 year old mother of three who suffered an ischemic stroke in her sleep has made a full recovery after receiving treatment at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC).

    Mrs. Tengson who was asleep when she had the stroke, awoke to find that her face had drooped and she was unable to move the upper half of her body.

    She was then taken to Hamad General Hospital’s (HGH) Emergency Department where they confirmed that she had suffered a stroke in her middle cerebral artery which can severely affect upper arm and hand function.

    Mrs. Tengson said: “I woke up and had no idea what had happened. After being rushed to the Emergency Department, I was shocked to realize that I had experienced a stroke in my sleep and had lost the use of my upper arm and hand. I work as a waitress and having the use of my arms and hands is critical for my job. I was extremely worried that having a stroke meant that I would no longer be able to work.”

    Mrs. Tengson was transferred from the Emergency Department and admitted firstly to HGH and then to Rumailah Hospital as an inpatient where she embarked on a long road to recovery through a regular program of physical and occupational therapy. During this time, she relearned how to perform her activities of daily living such as eating, bathing and dressing, regaining 50 per cent of her hand function before continuing with her therapy sessions upon discharge as an outpatient at Rumailah Hospital.

    Although Mrs. Tengson was unable to continue to return to her job as a waitress, her employer enabled her to continue to work in different roles which did not put too much strain on her hands. Mrs. Tengson was however determined to return to the job she loved and threw herself into an intensive program of physical and occupational therapy at Rumailah Hospital.

    During this time, she worked with therapists to re-train her arm and hand to carry out the activities she would need to carry out to enable her to return to her waitressing role. These included upper limb strengthening – holding and carrying heavy trays, transferring objects from one hand to another and picking items from the ground and placing them on shelves.

    These job simulation activities and fine motor skills retraining in Occupational Therapy together with additional physiotherapy helped in the rehabilitation process and gradually led to Mrs. Tengson’s right hand function to be developed and perfected.

    After nearly two years of active rehabilitation in Occupational and Physical Therapy, Mrs. Tengson, has regained near normal right hand function and has been able to return to job as a waitress.

    Ms. Mary Grace Fernando, Occupational Therapist at the Adult Neurological Unit at Rumailah Hospital said: When I first met Mrs. Tengson, her hand function was severely limited however her determination and perseverance to get the most out of her therapy both at home and as an outpatient led to her making an amazing recovery, which exceeded all expectations.”

    Speaking about the standard of care she received at HMC, Mrs. Tengson said: “Staff at HMC treated me like family and fully supported and encouraged me every step of the way on my journey back to health. “I want to thank my neurologist, Dr. Naveed Akhtar, my physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, Dr. Dhiaddin Serheed as well as my occupational therapist, physical therapist and all the nurses at both HGH and Rumailah Hospital for their amazing support. Thanks to them, I have now made a full recovery and I have regained the full use of my arm and hand.

    I’ve been able to return to my job as a waitress and my life has returned to normal. Having a stroke was the most traumatic experience of my life, but thanks to the brilliant care I received from Hamad staff, I sometimes forget it ever happened. ”
    Mrs. Tengson also commended HMC on its recent stroke awareness campaign aimed at raising awareness amongst the public of the signs and symptoms and reinforcing the need to act quickly. She said: “HMC’s stroke campaign has really helped highlight the importance of recognizing the signs of a stroke so action can be taken quickly to seek medical help. It was great to see the campaign messaging displayed so prominently in malls, newspapers, online and on the radio.”

    For more information about HMC’s stroke campaign, please visit stroke.hamad.qa