Department Name:

Child Development Center
Department Location:  

RH in front of NCCR Hospital

7am to 3pm (Sunday to Thursday)
Services offered: 

The HMC Child Development Center provides a number of specialized child development services and programs for children from birth to 14 years old with mental and physical disabilities, developmental and learning delays and their families. The center is offering quality developmental and behavioral pediatrics physician led clinics, specialized multidisciplinary programs such as the Early Intervention Program, Autism Program and the Student with Disability Support Program, specialized services such as the Pediatric Assistive Technology Services, Pediatric Psychology Services.
Whom to contact:

Reception (physician clinics side): 40253456/ 40253457
Reception (Specialized programs and services side): 40256349 / 40256334
Head Nurse: 44393863
Head of Department: 44393424

What patients need to bring in order to access your services:

First visit he / she should bring the Health card and QID
Follow up visits he / she should bring health card and disability card if present
What message do you send to your patients?
  • Avoid missing your appointment, call to cancel your appointment if you can’t attend
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to the appointment
Patient discharge information:  
Patients will be discharged from service if
  • They reach 14 years of age
  • Frequently misses appointments with physician / therapists
  • Accomplish the management goal
  • Does not require the service any more
Fees for the service:

50 QR for first visit to physicians
30 QR for follow up visit
Patients who have disability card will be exempted from fees