Department Name:

Plastic Surgery OPD / Rumailah Hospital 
Department Location:  

Right entrance of Rumeilah Hospital; opposite and near Rumailah Hospital Admitting Office.
Timings (clinic, office etc.):  

Office Time: 0700-1500hrs

Clinic Timing: 
Sunday - Thursday: 0800-1130hrs, 1230 to 1500hrs
1530-1930hrs (Sunday to Tuesday)
What services do you offer:

Provide high-quality specialized healthcare to all male and female patients, from newborn to older adults.

Aesthetic plastic surgery, i.e. body contour, facelift, mammoplasty, rhinoplasty blepharoplasty, etc.          
Corrective surgery for congenital anomalies, i.e. cleft lip and palate, syndactyly, etc. and hand trauma care.

Reconstructive surgeries, i.e. different types of flaps, graft, and scar revision followed by burns, accidents, traumas, and oncology treatment.

Scheduling and Tracking Office (STO) for surgery confirmation and education; services for plastic surgery patients.
Whom to contact:

OPD Supervisor: 4439 3018

Reception (for follow-up appointment): 4439 3212, 4439 7629, and 4439 3337

Control Area: 4439 3240

For New & Follow-up Appointments (Hamad Patient Call Center): 16060

OPD Head Nurse: 4439 3215

Secretary: 4439 7458
What patients need to bring in order to access your services:  

Valid HMC health card and QID. If you are not a resident of Qatar, please bring your passport.
If you have been referred to Rumailah Hospital from any other HMC clinic or health center, you will be called by our call center and you receive an electronic message (sms) about your appointment.

If your referral is from a private hospital or clinic, please bring your referral to Rumailah Hospital’s main reception desk and they will help arrange your appointment. 

If you have any other questions, please call the call center at 16060.
What message you want to send for your patients: 

We provide our patients with the highest level of care and the utmost quality, compassion, dignity, and safety. You can trust us and you will be valued and cared for by our teams.
Plastic surgery can be an option for some patients who are struggling with an appearance-related concern and can play a role in enhancing body image and self-confidence.
Reconstructive surgery can help patients return to their workplace and can also play a role in enhancing emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Education materials for patients and their families:

Pre-operative information, Patient Bill of Rights, and a number of other patient education materials are available to assist both patients and their family members.

You can access more educational information from our Patient Family Education resources.
Information about discharge process from your services: 

Patients are discharged at a pre-determined period based on the discharged plan that is identified their by multidisciplinary team and specifically in accordance with the patient meeting the discharge criteria.

Some patients are also discharged via patient voluntarily discharge.
Fees for the service: Information about fees and services are provided to both Qatari and non-Qatari patients.

All Qatari patients receive care free of charge if their QID is valid.

Non-Qatari patients with a valid QID and health card are billed 50QR for their first visit and 30QR for follow-up visits (if they do not have health insurance with HMC). Non-Qatari patients are also charged for procedures and surgeries at an additional rate.

Patients without a valid health card are charged 60QR for each OPD visit and are billed for all procedures as per the hospital policy.

Patients who are visiting Qatar are billed in accordance with HMC policies.