Departmant Name:

Departman Location: 

The main OPD pharmacy is located at the ground floor beside the mosque. There are 2 inpatient pharmacies are located at RH and Medical city (Enaya) However, there is a satellite pharmacy in Dermatology is linked to RH.
Timings ( Clinic,Office.cte.) 

The services provided by the pharmacy department are available 24 hours a day for inpatients and 8 hours per day for out-patients pharmacies in addition to OPD evening clinic till 8:30 PM from Sunday to Wednesday and till 6:00Pm on Thursday .
What Services do you offer:  

The Department of Pharmacy provides systems-based services including drug and disease state information, drug procurement, preparation, distribution and dosage monitoring for all patients in Rumailah hospital including those in residential facilities .

It provides prescribed medications and counseling about medications to inpatients and out- patients. It also provides drug information to medical and nursing staff and other health care professionals who are involved with prescribing or administering drugs to patients.
Whom to contact: 

Drug Information Services: 44397600
What message you want to send for your patients:  

In order to access pharmacy services, patients need to present a valid Health card in addition to a valid prescription. However, patients may inquire for any information related to their medications without ant limitations.