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OFFICE  : 7AM - 3PM ( SUN - THU)

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The Oral and Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery ( OCMFS ) Department is the first of its kind in Qatar. We have achieved great success in surgical management cases such as head and neck oncologic surgery of advanced tumors, reconstructive surgery using modern techniques, aesthetic surgery, congenital cranio-facial deformities and syndromes. The results of these surgeries match up with the high standards associated with World Higher Classified Centers. We are working in MDTs for all the disciplines.

Our department is subdivided into the following sub specialties:
  • Trauma Surgery
  • Cranio-Maxillofacial Deformities
  • Facial Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
  • Head and Neck Surgery 
  • Oral and Dental Implants Surgery. 
Additionally, due to the continued growth of our department and increase demands on the service and in order to meet the needs of the community in Qatar, OCMFS decided to implement “Moderate Sedation“ in our Minor Procedure Room. Cases/Procedures that are suitable to be performed in this procedure room under local anesthesia plus “sedation” include but are not limited to, sinus lift plus dental implants, surgical exodontia, biopsy and closure of oral anthral fistula.

Whom to contact:  

For Booking appointment contact reception: 44397341 /44397342
For any other queries: 44397363/44397361/44397472

 What patients need to bring in order to access your services: 
Referral from any healthcare facility
  Health card

What message you want to send for your patients:

The Oral & Cranio Maxillofacial Surgery Department achieved a lot of challenges in surgical management cases such like Head & Neck Oncologic Surgery of advanced Tumors, Reconstructive Surgery using modern techniques of free vascularized flaps, Aesthetic facial Surgery, Laser Surgery, Endoscopic Surgery, Fat grafting and injection, Congenital Cranio-facial deformities, Clefts, Cranio-Synosthosis & Orthognathic Surgeries.

We have three operative days under general anesthesia for the major elective cases and two days day care for the minor cases.  Trauma we are doing as emergency in a daily basis.

Our aim is not only to meet the increasing health needs of the local community, as we truly believe-something our customers can warmly affirm that OCMFS department is focus on high quality, service excellence and quality of customers life.
We believe that we are not just healthcare providers, rather our approach is to accomplish customer satisfaction and offering them certain value added services.

We provide the Best of Care…because your Life Matters. 

Education materials for patients and their families:

Pre and Post Op Instruction to the Patient and Family, click here to see the instructions
Patients Rights and responsibilities.
Patient’s and family education after each consultations and surgical procedures.
Information about discharge process from your services: 

The discharge planning process begin on admission for early planning and to facilitate a smoother transition at discharge. This process requires a multidisciplinary approach involving collaboration of the nursing, Anesthesia and Medical department over the patient stay in the department.

Discharge needs shall be identified by the multidisciplinary team in collaboration with the patient / patient representative throughout the course of hospitalization and is integral /-*part of the treatment planning process

Fees for the service: Instructions given to Non- Qatari 

List of procedures with corresponding fees are available in the Cashier’s office
Contact Number : 4439 - 3464