Department Name:

Admitting & OPD Registration
Department Location:  

Near main entrance of Rumailah Hospital

Admitting: 24/7

OPD: morning, afternoon, evening (Eid holidays timings vary)
Services offered: 

OPD & Admitting department provides 24/7
Whom to contact:

Admitting section - for Inpatient and Day Care surgeries
What patients need to bring in order to access your services:

Registration and appointments
What message you want to send for your patients: 

Referral from Emergency at HGH, Public Health Centers and other hospitals / institutions.

Type of Patients:   
Age group: 0 to elderly
Sex distribution: Male and female - 0 to elderly
Major cases:
  • Geriatric cases
  • Primary medicine / Rehabilitation cases
  • ENT / Ophthalmology cases
  • Children’s Long Term Care