​Department Name:

Occupational Therapy

Department Location:

Ground floor of Rumailah Hospital

Timings (clinic, office etc.):

Monday to Thursday - 7am to 3pm for inpatients and outpatients clinics
  • Hand Therapy operate some Saturday clinics according to the high volume of patients and urgency patients
  • Hand Therapy - Also operates in 2 shifts - from 7am to 3pm and 11am to 7pm except Wednesdays
  • Pediatric Evening Clinic: Social communication and NDC - From 3pm to 5pm
What services do you offer:

  • Hand Therapy Services
  • Pediatrics OT unit covering Long term care wards (Almaha 1 & Almaha 2) at Rumailah Hospital, CDC (Early intervention and autism) & CRD (pre-school intervention) Residential Services at Muaither and Medical City.
Whom to contact:

  • Sultan Salim Hammam Al Abdulla - Chief of Occupational Therapy
  • Arabia Saing - Secretary
  • Alaa Sheikh Hussein - Specialist (A/Supervisor - HGH)
What patients need to bring in order to access your services:  
A referral from any HMC/PHC Physician to Occupational Therapy with brief history of the patients’ condition.
  • Health card / QID
  • The appointment card if he/she is already scheduled.
What message you want to send for your patients:

Occupational Therapy Department at Hamad Medical Corporation is the biggest provider of occupational therapy services in the State of Qatar. More than 40000 patients are seen annually across the Hospitals by Occupational Therapists. Occupational therapy services are provided for inpatients and outpatients. Clients receive services through Occupational Therapy processes as follows:
  1. Assessments,
  2. Individual treatment,
  3. Group sessions,
  4. Reports & recommendation,
  5. Education to clients and their family members,
  6. Provision of assistive devices
  7. Provision of standardized equipment’s such as wheelchairs and commode chairs.
  8. Provision of other complex equipment’s by Seating and Positioning Unit
Education materials for patients and their families:

Education materials are available in the department for some specific conditions such as hand and Pediatric conditions; we are on the process of developing education materials for other diagnosis as well.

Information about discharge process from your services:

Client is discharged from both Inpatient and Outpatient services in the following conditions:
1. Goals related to Occupational Therapy scope of practice and service are achieved
2. The client goals and needs are met
3. According to the discharge plans from the rehab team