Geriatric and Long-Term Care

Department Name:  

Geriatric Clinic

Department Location:  

Rumailah Hospital adjacent to Admitting  Department

Timings (clinic, office etc.):   

Sunday - Thursday : 7 A.M to 3 P.M
Tuesday:  5P.M to 8 P.M (Evening Clinic)
What services do you offer: 
Consultation of Geriatric and Rehabilitation cases
Geriatric cases:
  •  Memory Clinic- deals patients with Dementia / Memory loss
  •  Falls Clinic - Patient with history of fall
  •  Geriatric Medicine - all geriatrics that needs medical treatments and follow up, Home care referral, etc.
 Whom to contact:  

Head Nurse / In Charge: Ext. 44393181

What patients need to bring in order to access your services: 
  • Health Card / Qatar ID
  • Referral Form
  • Appointment Card
  • Bill of Payment / Receipt from cashier"
What message you want to send for your patients: 

Prior of consultation:
Wait for the number to be called by the Nurse or by Qmatic
After Consultation:
Follow up
Referrals to other specialty  (If any)

Education materials for patients and their families: 

Patients and Family Bill of Rights
Discharge Process regarding Services:

The Physician who Discharge the patient from the Clinic should write Discharge notes in the Progress notes and the Nurse should write in the appointment card and Instruct the patient clearly about the Discharge and what to do in case the patient need to consult the same

Information about discharge process from your services:  
Fees for the service: Instructions given to Non- Qatari 

Initial Visit :  
50 QR (with valid Health Card)
60  QR (without valid Health card)
Subsequent visits:  
30QR ( with valid Health card)"