Qatar Blood Donor Center

Who are We?

We are the only health organization responsible for provision of blood supplies for the whole state of Qatar including all governmental and private health institutes. We are completely relying on local blood resources of blood supplies donated by voluntary non- enumerated blood donors and we stopped importing blood and blood components from outside the country in 1987. We are proud that we have managed to attract thousands of donors each year and we hope that you will join our family. 

We have two locations where you can give blood

HMC Main Blood Donor Center
Sunday to Thursday - 7:00am - 19:30pm
Friday - Closed
Saturday 8:00am - 20:00pm

New Blood Donor Center (Surgical Specialty Center HMC)
Sunday to Thursday - 7am to 9.30pm

Satellite Blood Donor Center
Sunday - Thursday - 7:00am - 19:30pm
Friday - Closed
Saturday - Closed

For Enquires & Information
Contact: 4439 1081 / 4439 1082