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At HMC we believe in the continued professional development of our nurses and midwives. The HMC Career Ladder for Nurses and Midwives allows nurses and midwives to move from one specialty to another and provides opportunity for advancement in a chosen area of practice. A Personal Development Plan (PDP) Template has been developed for all HMC nurses and midwives. PDPs help identify strengths and weaknesses, aspirations, development needs and are an important part of planning for career goals; it is good practice for all nurses and midwives to undertake the development of a PDP as it provides a ‘road map’ for the achievement of aspirations.

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Questions to Consider when Preparing for an Interview

  1. Why are you applying for this position?

  2.  Why should the interview panel choose you over all the other candidates who are just as qualified?

  3. Thinking about performance improvement activities that you have been involved with, as either a team leader or team member, tell us about a change that was initiated and describe the final outcome?

  4. How is this new role different than the role you are currently performing?

  5. If you are successful in applying for this new role, what do you perceive as your biggest challenge coming into the new position?

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Importance of Personal Development Plans (PDPs)

It is good practice for all nurses and midwives to complete a Personal Development Plan (PDP) in order to review strengths and weaknesses, aspirations, development needs and future plans. A PDP will provide a ‘road map’ for your career aspirations.

PDPs should be completed annually with your line manager and will help ensure there is a structured process for goal achievement, including:

  1. Agreed milestones and associated timelines.
  2. Formal appraisals (formative and summative assessment).
  3. Development of a professional portfolio.
Quick Tip:

Top 5 Tips for Climbing the Nursing and Midwifery Career Ladder

  1. Invest in Education: Education is extremely important in advancing one’s career. Each training course, certification and degree provides more options for new opportunities.

  2. Build a Network: Attend conferences and workshops and join professional groups. Meeting likeminded individuals allows you to exchange ideas and gain information about new approaches to problem solving.

  3. Find a Mentor: Asking for career advice, suggestions and guidance is a good way to initiate a mentor-mentee relationship with someone whom you consider a role model.

  4. Always Pursue Professionalism: Professionalism is exhibited in the behaviors and attitudes of each individual nurse and midwife. It is important for nurses and midwives to present themselves as a professional, both on and off the job.

  5. Make your Personal Development a Priority: Complete your Personal Development Plan with your line manager. Focus on communication skills, such as problem solving, conflict management, active listening and clear, effective writing. Seeing yourself as a leader, and cultivating leadership skills, is the first step in climbing the career ladder.