The Corporate Nursing and Midwifery Strategy was launched in early 2019, to achieve the strategic goal of developing existing nursing and midwifery staff competency to reflect current international best practice. 

Nursing Midwifery Education and Research (NMER) were tasked with developing a robust and sustainable competency framework to reflect HMC’s current and future needs. To this end NMER formed a shared governance Nursing and Midwifery Competency Framework Steering Committee and led the development and implementation of the new framework and process. 

The Competency Framework provides an evidence-based, standardized, holistic approach to the confirmation of nursing and midwifery competence for clinical practice across HMC. It emphasizes the importance of competence for compassionate, confident and safe nursing and midwifery practice. 

Fundamental to success of the project is the close collaboration between the Steering Committee and Specialty Nursing and Midwifery Networks/Competency Committees who are leading the review, development and standardization of competencies relevant to their scope of service.
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