• ​As a newly hired nurse or midwife you are expected to demonstrate, under supervision, that you are competent to deliver care in line with HMC’s 5 core competencies, which apply to all nurses and midwives, within 90 days of taking up your post in your clinical team.
  • The 5 core competencies are:

           1. Comprehensive initial patient assessment

           2. Pain assessment and management

           3. Medication management

           4. Effective Communication using ISBAR

           5. Infection Control and Prevention.

    (Please note: ‘Infection Control and Prevention’ competency (guided by the Infection Control and Prevention policy) is embedded in all clinically focused competencies).

  • One of the resources you can use to acquire or refresh your knowledge of the 5 core competencies is the Lippincott e-Resource available on HMC i-Tawasol under the Medical Library section.

  • Please note that Lippincott e-Resource is not a competency framework. It is an evidence-based resource that can be used to support but not to confirm competence.
  • Once you have achieved and demonstrated your competence for the 5 core competencies, you must go on to complete the specialist competencies relevant to your specialty within the first 12 months of the start of your employment at HMC, in line with the competence requirements agreed by your specialty nursing network or competency steering committee. 
  • Once you have successfully achieved and demonstrated core and specialist practice competence, you can practice independently.
  • Preceptors and educators will support you to achieve any further competencies which you may be required to demonstrate after the 90-day orientation period.