​CNE: 26.5
Coordinator: Mr. Marwan Mohammad Ahmad Hamad
The purpose is to support enabling a positive practice work environment whereby safe, ethical and competent practice is valued and modeled. The program has been designed to improve the quality of the practice environment, supporting novices in their direct care practice, assisting new hires with assimilation and socialization into their new context of practice, and generally guiding competence in practice. Preceptorship is one way of using role modeling to support the learning and professional growth of nurses and to promote the overall quality of practice environments. 
Accordingly, this program is designed to provide an intensive period of training and development for identified, proficient nurses who have been deemed as possessing the potential and commitment to assume ‘preceptor’ roles in their practice. With this in mind, the primary aim of the program is to build upon prior knowledge and skills to enhance the theoretical underpinning that encompasses the notion of Preceptorship. As a result, this training program is focused on facilitating the transition of experienced HMC nurses into preceptors who are enabled to support, promote quality learning experiences and objectively appraise preceptees in their acquisition of contextual knowledge, skills, and attitudes via a competency-based approach so in turn, the preceptee is enabled to effectively and independently assume their scope of practice at the completion of their probationary period. 
This training program will be credentialed by the Department of Nursing Education and Research in accordance with the current CNE policy and associated credentialing requirements/criteria.