• 9/22/2023

    In the Patient Centered Care Forum that culminated last September 2023, the HHQI was given the opportunity to be a part and to deliver in a workshop style the topics Teamwork and Communication and Workforce Wellness Through Joy at Work.

    Teamwork and Communication
    are essential key for the achievement of the delivery of high quality and safe patient care. Effective teamwork and communication are intertwined. They are critical for achieving shared goals, maximizing productivity, and maintaining a positive, supportive, and collaborative team environment. Teams that understand, shows respect, and trust each other paves the way in achieving a higher level of performance.

    Workforce Wellness Through Joy at Work
    speakers were able to share some key components and ideas for a successful workforce wellness through joy at work. HHQI promotes the importance and its effect on doing and having joy at work within the unit or department across the organization.

    Both workshops were able to achieve a high level of participants engagement as these sessions are an essential part of an organization.