• 10/23/2023

    Learning Session 2 of the National Value Improvement Collaborative Spread saw a great learning and sharing experiences that took place for three days from October 23-25, 2023, and was attended by 250 participants inclusive of 45 teams from across HMC, PHCC and QRC.

     Day 1, Coaches Day focused on the successes and challenges of Action Period 1 and the vision for the future state, reviewing the team’s box scores highlighting the importance of Joy at Work and ways to achieve it and action planning for Action Period 2.

    Day 2. As always, an engaging icebreaker started the day followed by an inspiring leadership message from Prof. Abdul Badi Abou Samra. The teams' representatives shared their experiences on the challenges and successes and their journey on the Value Improvement initiatives, the benefits in applying the value improvement methodology and its components, the quality improvement methodology and tools necessary to understand and enhance their VI initiatives for the new spread teams, Flow measures aligned with VI, data management, ideas on tracking progress and Joy in Work. Lastly, several value management boards were displayed for other teams to learn from it.

    Day 3. Highlighted the team’s insight into finance measure, a panel discussion with good representation from the leaders, physicians, nurses and pharmacists shared great ideas on how to engage key stakeholders in their value improvement work. World Café has provided participants with a good opportunity to learn from discussions and shared experiences.