• 6/18/2023

    Coaches Session:

    The National Value Improvement Collaborative Spread Learning Session started with the NVIC team coaches to review roles and responsibilities with the faculty, to provide guidance and support, to enhance their leadership skills, decision-making and overall effectiveness on their roles, open discussion on what went well and what needs improvement, and interactive discussion on improving coaching skills.

    LS Day 1: As always, we have an engaging ice breaker to start the day followed by the leadership message from Mr. Nasser Al Naimi.

    Moreover, the inspirational plenary given by Dr. Abdulla Al Ansari, quoted, “The NVIC plays a crucial role in researching and implementing initiatives that address the challenges of cost management while striving to improve the overall value of healthcare delivery, through collaborative efforts and a comprehensive understanding of the complex interplay between cost and quality”.

    The leaders, speakers and teams have shared various experiences, challenges, and successes on Value Improvement (VI) program. They also shared their journey and benefits in the application of VI methods and components and the introductory of Quality Improvement (QI) tools that will be necessary to their improvement project enhancing their understanding especially for new spread teams.

    LS Day 2Highlighted the leaders and teams and insights into Finance Measure, Capacity Measure, Box Scores and Visual Management Board, NVIC alignment to Hospital Flow, and ended with Action Period and plans. The relatable topics will support teams to empower them in making positive changes and effective performances that will result into a better healthcare environment. Overall, the NVIC Spread learning session was filled with enriching discussions, workshops and presentations and with high engagement in all spread teams, coaches, and speakers.