• 3/17/2023

    17/03/2023 – 19/03/2023

    We, the Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute are extremely happy on the concluded Middle East Forum 2023 that was held last March 17-19, 2023. Here’s a glimpse of the HHQI taking part during the event.

    HHQI Sessions

    Intermediate QI: Concepts, Tools & Practice by Mr. Mark Agramon, Ms. Catherine Jamias and Ms. Smita Prasad.

    The workshop focused on the Quality Improvement (QI) tools that is being delivered in the HHQI’s Intermediate Quality Improvement Course. Through this session, inquiries were received on how to attend the three (3) days session as delegates show their arising interest to learn more about QI.

    Going Through Exceptional Times in Healthcare by Mr. Emran Kanan, Dr. Almunzer Zakaria and Dr. Mohammad Adnan, Dr. Khawla Ahmad.

    This interactive session was delivered in a four-hour Arabic language titled, تجاوز الأوقات الصعبه في القطاع الصحي. The aim of this session was to learn how to go through difficult times using the improvement concepts and tools.

    Sequential PDSA by Ms. Iman Refaat and Ms. Ana Jimena

    Plan-Do-Study-Act or what we commonly call as PDSA cycle is shorthand for testing a change by planning it, trying it, observing the results, and acting on what is learned (3) days session as delegates show their arising interest to learn more about QI.

    Achieving high quality healthcare with value improvement, waste reduction and flow efficiency: Dr. Raana Siddiqui, Dr. Reham NegmEldin, Ms. Maryanne Gillies and Dr. Jawed Iqbal.

    The session’s objective was successfully achieved on how the delegates can apply Value Improvement methods in order to achieve better care, increase their productivity and efficiency through standardization and waste reduction, to optimally use available resources to deliver better outcomes for patients and achieve financial sustainability.

    High Impact Leadership Behavior – What Leaders Do to Make a Difference?

    A concept delivered by Ms. Maryanne Gillies, Dr. Khawla Athamneh and Dr. Jawed Iqbal and moderated by Ms. Smitha Prasad was attended by over 110 delegates along with prominent HMC leaders including Dr. Abdulla Al Ansari, Mr. Mohammed Al Jusaiman, and Mr. Nasser Al Naimi. The session was based on the IHI High-Impact Leadership white paper summarizing the 5 key leadership behaviors: Person-Centeredness, Front Line Engagement, Relentless Focus, Transparency and Boundarilessness drilled down into the thinking process of the individual delegates on their journey to becoming the best leader one can be.

    Application of statistical process control in healthcare improvement; Better Quality Through Better Measurement (Part 2); Better Quality Through Better Measurement (Part 3); and Simplifying the Selection and use of Shewhart (control) charts (Part 2)

    Interconnected topic sessions on how and when statistical process control (SPC) tool can be useful in quality improvement for clinical and patient care processes and the benefits, limitations, barriers and facilitating factors related to such application was delivered by Dr. Robert Lloyd, Dr. Gautam Sharma and Dr. Aisha AlAdab. Commendable and excellent learnings were gained by lots of participating delegates.

    Oral QI Presentations: Mr. Mark Agramon managed the sessions, together with Dr. Sikandar Aftab, Ms. Ana Jimena and Ms. Catherine Jamias as moderators.

    Twenty-seven (27) presentations from local and international delegates shared their improvement journey and experiences on how they have accomplished and succeeded in their improvement initiatives using evidence-based and best practices for patient safety and resiliency.Several learnings stood out from their initiatives - innovation on saving lives, teamwork and resiliency. Delegates raised questions and shared their positive feedbacks during the respective sessions.

    HHQI Knowledge Zone: The HHQI Knowledge Zone booth as showcased in the video of the HHQI Capacity and Capability Dosing Approach to encourage the delegates to learn more about HHQI programs and the collaboratives. There were series of games that correlates to QI such as: assemble Mr. Potato Head in 1 minute, spin the HHQI Wheel of Knowledge with specific questions about the programs answerable by True or False. All these are knowledge dissemination about what HHQI offers.

    Launching the First Experience of Quality Training in Undergraduate Medical Education at the National:

    The College of Medicine at Qatar University in collaboration with the department of Medical Education at HMC and with the support of HHQI launched the two-months initiative aiming at preparing final-year medical students graduates to develop their basic knowledge and skills in quality improvement, patient safety, and person-centered care. Introducing Quality improvement and patient safety curricula targeting Medical students is crucial in building and developing future doctors as quality champions. This session was delivered by Dr. Shireen Suliman, Dr. Reham Hassan and Dr. Khawla Athamneh with great feedback and learnings gained by the participating delegates.