• 10/22/2023

    LearnQI with HHQI webinar series is developed to provide learning on different quality improvement related topics which can enhance the knowledge skills in quality improvement science methodology.

     LearnQI with HHQI webinars are monthly series with topics covering Improvement Capability; Quality Improvement Science; Patient Safety; Person Cantered Care and Triple Aim. Highlights as follows:

    • Vir​tual
    • Open to All
    • Once in a month
    • 1-hour session
    • Online registration
    • First come first served
    • COD Accredited

    The last session took place on 22nd October 2023 with the topic “Dietetics in Staff Wellbeing (Series-2)”. This session was attended by a total of 120 participants.

    The NVIC Spread Learning Session 2 were filled with rich discussions and relatable topics that will support and empower the teams to make positive and effective changes resulting in a better healthcare outcome and reaching a high level of engagement from all spread teams, coaches and faculty.