• 6/18/2023

    Dr. Sodzi Tettey, Vice President- Global, IHI Regional Head of Africa and Middle East has done a lot of great work on Quality Improvement and his focus of work with IHI is mainly Project Fives Alive! which resulted in reduction in under-five deaths, also drop in mortality for the subgroup of children 12 to 59 months old with improvement in processes of early antenatal care, skilled delivery, and post-natal care.

    For the first time, he visited various HMC facilities and attended Value Improvement huddles at HGH-Medical and OR, Heart Hospital- CICU, DAAM Specialized Care Center and Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute to strengthen partnership, review progress, recognize achievements, provide guidance and plan future strategies.

    In HHQI, he witnessed and was inspired by the team spirit, respect and everyone’s voice is being valued when he joined in our weekly huddle. HHQI also shared up-to-date quality improvement programs, collaboratives, and INSIGHTS. During the rounds, he was delighted to see the results and impact of Joy at Work and was astonished with our Map of Qatar Board with the QI Champions across Qatar, and he quote, “It is being said that a picture that tells you a story. You, HHQI, influenced the healthcare across the country and eventually, it can be the entire gulf.”

    Dr. Sodzi humbly shared his leadership experiences at the Improvement Leadership Program, Cohort 5. He was greatly influenced by the level of Quality Improvement initiatives and programs running in HMC and the level of Quality Improvement capacity and capability. He applauded and appreciated the leadership and frontline staff who are working tirelessly to achieve HMC’s mission.