• 10/12/2023

    Tailored with the IHI Breakthrough Series Model, the Age-Friendly Health Systems Collaborative – Learning Session 2 took place on November 12 & 13, 2023 at Bayt Al Dhiyafah, HBKMC. This learning session was jointly spearheaded by the IHI, HHQI and the Rumailah Hospital (RH) – Pilot Team led by Dr. Hanadi Al Hamad. We are grateful to have been joined virtually by the IHI Faculty – Dr Terry Fulmer, Dr. Donna Fick, Dr. Nicole Brandt, Dr. Cynthia Brown and Ms. Christina Southey.

    The learning session aimed to develop a deeper understanding of Age-Friendly Systems and the 4Ms Framework (Medication, Mentation, Mobility and What Matters), as well as, developing a plan for the Action Period 2 to enable teams to pace their improvement work. This also provided as a platform for networking to learn and share with other teams across the corporation.

    Moreover, the RH Pilot Team shared their progress and led the review of the AFHS resources for local contextualization and customization. The 4Ms Lead from the RH Pilot Team also co-presented with the IHI Faculty during the breakout sessions which provided opportunities to discuss strategies and specific change ideas that will aid in their improvement efforts. Other teams such as the Al Wakra Hospital was also able to share their progress till date. In addition, one of the key topics during this session is the 5th M: Malnutrition presented by Ms. Al Anoud Al Fehaidi which is part of the local contextualization of the 4Ms Framework. The Learning Session was wrapped up by the IHI Faculty and RH Pilot Team with Patient Case Studies interconnecting the 4Ms.