Data and Informatics

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to provide meaningful information, sensible analytics, decision support and align with the vision of Hamad Healthcare Quality Institute.

Our mission is to ensure that accurate, relevant and timely information is available to support all quality improvement activities and decision making within Hamad Healthcare Quality institute.

The Data and Informatics team provides support services to HHQI staff, working closely with other HHQI teams to carry out its primary functions that include: 
  • Governance – managing HHQI’s information throughout its lifecycle – i.e. from creation, storage to dissemination
  • Surveillance – monitoring the quality of care and identify areas for improvement 
  • Evaluation – determining the effectiveness of HHQI’s activities including the National Patient Safety Collaborative, Building Capacity and Capability and the Value Improvement Program.
  • Dissemination
  • Decision Support

Current Projects and Links: