​The opening of the new surgical services facility significantly expands HMC’s surgical services capacity and provides a bespoke complex in which HMC’s expert surgical teams can treat patients using the most technologically advanced equipment.

The new 10,000 square meter development features 20 ultramodern surgical theaters, a 19-bed Trauma Intensive Care Unit, a 15-bed Surgical Intensive Care Unit and three hybrid operating rooms that provide state-of-the-art real-time imaging through CT, MRI, Brain Lab and Artis Zeego imaging technology. One of the new operating theaters also features the latest high-tech robotic surgery apparatus – the da Vinci Xi surgical robot, which Hamad surgeons use to perform a variety of specialist and general surgeries.

The expansion of HGH’s surgical services is part of an ambitious and comprehensive plan to increase capacity and revitalize the country’s largest hospital. The facility is situated adjacent to the large-scale HGH Emergency Department re-development site currently under construction.

The new operating theaters truly transform and modernize the surgical environment at the country’s busiest academic hospital, providing the latest technologically advanced operating rooms and surgical equipment, as well as dynamic pre- and post- operative settings that emphasize patient safety and comfort.