Dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases as well as education and research, the CDC has a focus on tuberculosis (TB), respiratory diseases and other infectious diseases including leprosy, MERS, influenza, measles, hepatitis and HIV among other emerging and re-emerging infections.

The 9,000 square meter purpose-built facility which has 65 single-bedrooms, all with negative pressure and 100 percent fresh air exchange, with the capacity to be converted into isolation units in case of serious pandemics. The Center offers comprehensive inpatient services for infectious disease patients who need hospitalization and also houses outpatient clinics providing services which include pre-marital counseling and education for those with infectious diseases.

The CDC is also home to Qatar’s first dedicated and comprehensive Travel Clinic which opened in January 2017. This is a one-stop-shop offering vaccinations and preventative information for people traveling overseas. It also provides assessment, treatment and counselling for those returning with travel-related illnesses.