Who cares for patients?
Patients will be greeted by staff nurses who will manage their care and supervision during their stay.

Patients will be under the care of their admitting consultant and there will be doctors avaliable on call at all times.

Useful information
The following provides more information on moving to Bayt Al Dhiyafah and what happens once a patient arrives:
  • Inpatient case managers will identify patients who meet the criteria for transfer
  • Patients will be provided with all the necessary information regarding their transfer and what to expect at Bayt Al Dhiyafah
  • The consultant will sign the referral form
  • The hospital will arrange transport to Bayt Al Dhiyafah
  • Patients will be housed, fed and supervised as they recover from their illness / injury for a maximum of three days stay
  • Nurses will visit a patient twice a day and any escalated or clinical issues will be reported back to the consultant and on call doctors
  • Discharge will be completed by a nurse once the patient is ready to return home
  • Patients will be assisted to a transport service that will take them back to their accommodation

Do you have a question about your stay?
Please contact:
Bayt Al Dhiyafah
Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City
Doha, Qatar
+974 4439 8100

A welcome for our guests
Welcome to Bayt Al Dhiyafah, your place for recuperation and recovery over the coming days. We aim to cater to your needs, so you can rest in a safe and calm environment.

Whilst you are here, we are keen to ensure you receive sufficient food and refreshments during your recovery. We will arrange breakfast in your room between 7.30am - 8.30am. For lunch and dinner, you are welcome to join us in the restaurant area between 1.30pm - 2.30pm and 6.30pm – 7.30pm. Please note that during your stay external food delivery is not permitted.

Our housekeeping team will take care of the cleaning service during your stay and will clean your room and bathroom daily after breakfast.

We have a lounge area available for your use on the same floor for convenience. To aid relaxation for you and our other patients, please keep noise levels to a minimum
around Bayt Al Dhiyafah, particularly after 11pm. If there are any concerns regarding the behavior of other patients, you can contact the nurse in charge or our staff at any
time and they are ready to help.

Please note that all areas are non-smoking. 

Information about Bayt Al Dhiyafah

Why will patients go to Bayt Al Dhiyafah?

If a patient no longer needs acute or medical surgical intervention in an inpatient setting but still needs time to recover, they will be transferred to Bayt Al Dhiyafah so that continuity of care can be provided.  

Bayt Al Dhiyafah provides an environment and setting for patients to have a fast, safe and timely recovery. Transferring a guest from the inpatient ward will also help
prevent a longer stay than is clinically necessary.

A patient will be admitted to Bayt Al Dhiyafah if they meet the following criteria:

  • Medically and psychiatrically stable when transferred
  • Alert and orientated
  • Able to complete all daily living activities independently
  • Able to self administer medication
  • Continent of both bladder and bowels
  • Independent mobility (orthopedic injuries, crutches, walkers and wheelchairs may be accepted)