Vision and Mission

To provide the best quality care to help couple with subfertility and infertility problems of all kind together with improving the success rate for our cycles to allow majority of the couple under our care to conceive

We are committed to use the best surgical and laboratory equipment in the market for achieving our goal in getting best success

Our History

The Department of Reproductive Medicine (DORM) started as an Assisted Conception Unit (ACU) in 1993. Currently, the ACU is presented by Assisted Reproduction Clinical area (DORM) which is a part of bigger entity of the DORM which offers a comprehensive scope of service to couple aged 18 years old and above with fertility problems in their attempts to have a child in most competent and compassionate way with counseling as integral part of their treatment which starts from initial visit to pre-operative and post-operative care of patient.

Department of Reproductive Medicine and its Assisted Reproduction Clinical area are located at the second floor of the Qatar Rehabilitation Institute since August 2020. The new location offers more rooms for consultations and procedures in addition to more privacy by containing the male patient in their dedicated area separately from the female area.