Before you leave

Prior to discharge from the Communicable Disease Center (CDC), you will be handed a general discharge checklist within your medical record file, together with a discharge summary. You will also receive any medication you require from the hospital, as per the CDC hospital policy. Taxis can be arranged for your exit from the hospital at the service desk. 

Billing procedures

For non-Qatari patients, payment is required upon discharge at the cashier desk, if applicable. Accepted payment methods are credit or debit card or eCash Card (the latter is available from some QNB branches).

Comments, suggestions or complaints

Comments, suggestions, or complaints are welcome as they help us to continually strive to provide the best possible healthcare experience for our patients. Please contact us on 16060 or if you would like to provide feedback.

For any enquiries relating to your medical/clinical condition after discharge, please contact your healthcare provider.