​Chairman's Message

Welcome to the Clinical Imaging Department at Hamad Medical Corporation web portal.

The Clinical Imaging Department is proud to offer the highest quality patient care in Clinical imaging, committed to excellence in safety with exceptional professionalism.

Whether taking care of patients or seeking out answers that will pave the way for new and improved treatments, none of these accomplishments are possible without the tireless efforts of the Clinical Imaging Staffs.

We rely on our diverse workforce driving our commitment forward by engaging them, by inspiring them and by challenging them. The Clinical Imaging Department is committed to deliver an exceptional quality of care and service which is safe, effective, timely, efficient to the people of Qatar.

Clinical Imaging is a specialty that uses imaging techniques, such as X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI scan, BMD, Nuclear Medicine and PET scan to diagnose a variety of conditions.

Our department has a team of staff who are devoted to Quality in Patient Safety and Clinical Imaging Informatics. As we have strong belief in the importance of knowledge, we have also been active in Researches and Resident’s Educational Programs.

I am privileged to serve as Chairman of the Department, and I am consistently impressed by the initiatives, accomplishments, collaborative and outstanding growth and positive changes that have taken place in our department to facilitate medical advances through the use of advanced imaging.

We look forward to the new discoveries that will refine and transform the practice of Clinical Imaging in the years to come.

Dr. Amal Alobadli,

Acting Chair for Clinical Imaging - Hamad Medical Corporation