Our care team will be on hand from the moment a patient arrives at the ACC to the time they leave. Our clinicians and support staff will take care of all aspects of treatment and recovery including follow up appointments, medication, as well as services such as x-rays or blood tests.

Patients with a scheduled appointment time for surgery at the ACC should visit the Outpatient Surgery Registration desk on the 2nd floor upon arrival. If a friend or family member is present, they are welcome to wait in our comfortable waiting area where a cafeteria is also available.

Patients are then shown to the pre-operative area and assessed by our clinical team which will include one of our nurses followed by an anesthesiologist and doctor before being prepared for surgery. If the outcome is positive, they will then be taken to one of our 14 operating theaters on the 2nd floor of the ACC for surgery.

Please note that any personal belongings should be kept to a minimum. Please only bring the required identifications - Qatar ID and Health Card.