One of the big advantages of day surgery is the predictability of the schedule as the possibility of a procedure being re-scheduled is significantly less that with inpatient cases. Elective inpatient surgeries are often delayed due to unplanned emergencies however day surgery usually stays within a set schedule. This is because procedures tend to be less complex and more routine.

Another big advantage of day surgery is the opportunity to have the surgery needed and still be able to leave hospital on the same day to return home to recover. The convenience and comfort this offers means less stress and a quicker recovery.

This entire experience of being a day surgery patient at the Ambulatory Care Center - having  surgery, outpatient appointments and clinical support services available in the same place coupled with the opportunity to recover at home reduces any stress or worries a patient may have. They can recover in a calm and restorative environment supported by the best possible care throughout their journey with us.