HMC’s Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) is an innovative new facility offering an exciting new approach to surgical care in Qatar.

For the first time in our history, our patients will have the opportunity to receive the latest treatment using advanced clinical and surgical practices offered within the same day and in a single dedicated location.
This means that within 23 hours of receiving surgery or a medical procedure, patients will be able to leave hospital and return to recover in the comfort of their own home, without the need for an overnight stay.

Some surgical inpatient beds will also be available.

Patients will also be supported on their journey to recovery by our outpatient clinics which are also located in the same building. Clinical imaging, laboratory and pharmacy services are also available, taking any stress out of their experience and enabling them to focus on the road to wellness.

Located in the heart of Hamad bin Khalifa Medical City, comfort and care is at the heart of the ACC. This is why we’ve done everything we can to make sure the time our patients spend with us is as convenient and straightforward as possible.

Here is what our patients can expect:

  • A patient-friendly environment with family friendly waiting and recovery areas.
  • The highest quality care provided an experienced team of healthcare professionals trained to the highest international standards. Cutting edge surgical care provided in the most technologically advanced operating theaters and treatment rooms.  Where possible, this includes non-invasive techniques, robotic surgery and laparoscopic equipment to ensure a faster healing time and less stress.
  • Dedicated space for a friend or family member to spend time with our patients both before and after surgery.
  • An on-site restaurant, gift shop, and cafe offering an extensive selection of food, beverages and items to enhance visitors’ experience.
  • Free Wi-Fi is accessible throughout the ACC for patients and their visitors.
Post-procedure and treatment follow-up phone calls and care advice upon the return home if required.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new facility.