​The Ambulance Service fulfills an essential role for the people of Qatar - a life-saving one. Every incident that the Ambulance Service attends offers different challenges, in terms of the injuries faced, the number of people affected, the location and the support required. The Ambulance Service receives more than 100,000 calls each year that 1,454 staff, 167 ambulances, 20 rapid response vehicles and our fleet of helicopters respond to.

The Ambulance Service is accredited by the Joint Commission International and its Medical Communication Center has been named an Accredited Center of Excellence (ACE).​


Help us help you

For the Ambulance Service to provide the best possible service it needs the help and support of the public. By following these five simple steps you will be able to help them provide the best possible response to every incident.
  1. Dial 999 immediately - The sooner you call, the sooner the ambulance can get to you.
  2. Know your location - As soon as we know where you are, the ambulance can be sent.
  3. Answer all questions - The extra details you can provide are critically important to helping save a life. Remember the ambulance is already on its way.
  4. Follow all instructions - Important instructions can be given over the phone to help you save a life. Sometimes this is as simple as going out to wave the ambulance down.
  5. Give way to ambulances - Remember an ambulance stuck behind you in traffic may well be going to your home.
Each of these steps assists the Ambulance Service in their response, from calling 999 immediately, to being able to explain your location accurately and, very importantly, giving way to ambulances on the roads to help them arrive at the incident scene as quickly as possible.

It is no exaggeration to say the work of the Ambulance Service is a matter of life and death. It’s their request to 'Help us help you' - as it could be your life they save next.