Itqan offers a variety of courses and workshops to assist facilitators to advance their knowledge and skills related to facilitating learning in the simulated learning environment. Skills for the facilitator of manikin-based learning includes, for example:

  • Conducting a needs assessment
  • Developing learning objectives
  • Designing a scenario
  • Conducting prebriefing
  • Managing psychological safety
  • Debriefing using a model or framework
  • Providing feedback
  • Enhancing fidelity or realism of the learning experience
  • Evaluating the experience of the learner, the design of the simulation, and the skills of the facilitator, as well as whether learning or improved competency occurred as a result of the activity

Additionally, there are skills to be learned when facilitating psychomotor and non-technical skill development as well as when creating and managing standardized/simulated patient encounters.

Itqan Clinical Simulation and Innovation Center Educators have many courses under development. Click on the tabs to the left to learn more. Check back often as we are always working on new courses for you!